Written on December 20, 2014

Yesterday is the final day of my Fall 2014 Semester, and we’re quite busy with celebrating on a high note by making hot pot in my apartment.

I’m starting to play around more with my new laptop, the Alienware 13 of late 2014. It felt good to be an early adopter, and having something brand new in my hands as time goes by. But, this is not what I intend to write about. It will be for another post later on.

Today is Saturday. Woke up to a chilly cloudy day, with Christmas looming around. I have this weird urge to dream about a boy who lingers to go out and venture across the lands, and meeting new people along the way. The boy, brought back to reality with a slap on the head with a book by his teacher in class, knew that this feeling isn’t easy to shrug off and forget. Maybe this is the feeling of adventure? Perhaps.

With this in mind, I feel like drawing out the inspiration with my drawing tablet. I do, however, know that this feeling won’t linger too long, and will probably diminish by the time I put a single line on my canvas. Faced with high creativity, but low skills, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself, what’s good for me if I don’t have the skillset to demonstrate my vision?

I guess I need to work more on my skills during the break. In the meantime, I hoped the boy can still keep lingering on in his wildest adventure in class.