Lull in Activity

Written on June 20, 2015

Since the end of the Spring semester here at my school, I plummet myself into lazy world. Don’t want to do this or that, don’t want to play piano, my mind just tells me “no more of anything.”

Here I am. It’s been over a month since that day, and I am struggling myself to find something worthwhile and productive to do. I started going back to my old projects and add a few bit more touches, I’ve started working on a new game with a compelling thesis behind it, and I started to realize how much I am missing out.

Staying indoors for so long can really make you crazy, but the moment I step outside of my apartment door, I have this urgency of thinking up “what I need to do” or “what else am I going to do,” and other similar thoughts.

I’ve become a workaholic, working on how to be lazy.